Studies show that up to half of all runners sustain an injury over the course of a year

What is a Running Analysis?

A running analysis is a specialized service, which includes a biomechanical assessment and videotaped analysis by a physical therapist with expertise in running injuries and rehabilitation.

If you are a runner with injury, this evaluation is for you.

Common running injuries include patella tendonitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, plantarfascitis, iliotibial band syndrome, stress fractures, trochanteric bursitis and back pain.

The evaluation begins with an examination where the physical therapist:

  • Obtains a history of past injuries and current complaints as well as information about your training regime and goals.
  • Performs a series of functional tests, assesses postural imbalances, flexibility or strength deficits, lower extremity and full body alignment.

The Running Analysis includes:

  • Walking barefoot to assess foot functions.
  • Increasing speed from walking to running on a treadmill to a comfortable 'distance' running pace.
  • High Definition videotape from front, back and sides.

The Physical Therapist will teach strategies to enable you to continue running to include:

  • Individualized stretching and strengthening program based on your specific needs.
  • Training modifications and home pain management to enable running with maximum efficiency.
  • Injury preventions suggestions.
  • Recommendations may include further intervention by a physician.

Contact Physical Therapy of Ocean Springs & Biloxi to schedule an evaluation. Please bring your running clothes and shoes.

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